3 Point Linkage

Folding Frame - Series 38

A convenient transport solution

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Murray Series 38 Folding Harrow Frames provide a solution to the transportation of multiple Harrow sections. Designed to fit Category I or II three-point linkage systems, Murray Series 38 Harrow Frames allow transport between paddocks and through smaller sized gates.

Each unit features a top class frame designed and backed by Murrays’ years of experience. Simplicity and strength are combined in a compact frame utilising a rigid linkage-mounted centre section and winch operated folded wings.

Murray Series 38 Harrow Frames suit Category C Harrows including Series 04 Diamond Harrow sections, Series 08 Stump Jump Harrow sections and Series 44 Stump Jump Harrow sections. Series 38 Folding Harrow Frames are supplied complete with centre section, wing attachments and all rings and links to suit your harrow type and size.

Frame Only

Series 08 Stump Jump Series 08 Stump Jump Series 08 Stump Jump Series 04 Diamond Series 04 Diamond
No. of Sections able to fitted 4 5 6 4 5
Model No 38001 38005 38009 38002 38006
Coverage (m) 3.5 4.3 5.1 4.1 5.1
Coverage (ft’in”) 11’4” 14’2” 17’ 13’4” 16’8”
Transport Width (m) 2.1 2.9 3.6 2.4 3.4
Transport Width (ft”in”) 6’10” 9’8” 11’8” 7’10” 11’2”
Weight (kg) 120 150 180 125 147

Important Information

  • Murray Harrows must be pulled (towed) by a tractor correctly fitted with an approved rollover protection structure. Murray Harrows are NOT intended for use with an “ATV” or “Ride On Lawn Mower”.
  • We do not recommend the adding of any extra weight to our Harrows.
  • Our equipment is not intended to be used on or travel on roads or freeways.


Below are downloadable pdf’s for all Cultivation, Levelling, Pasture Harrows and 3 Point Linkage systems.

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