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Murray Agricultural Equipment

Murray Agricultural Equipment is a market leader in Tine Harrow Systems and Farm Equipment. Our experience in manufacturing quality agricultural implements since 1903 makes us a specialist in our field. We primarily focus on Australian Made Products for the Australian Farmer.

Murray's has the agricultural implement for you.
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Stump Jump Harrow

Our classic and aesthetically pleasing implement is ready to work. Used for breaking down clods, weed control and final seedbed preparation. Suitable on lighter and medium soils weighing 41 kg per section.

Broadacre Stump Jump

A heavier implement used to break down clods after a Disc Harrow or Ripper. Features Forged Tines and extra length to collect more trash before needing to release. Suitable for medium to heavy soils weighing 48 kg per section.

Jumbo Cultivation Stump Jump

Our heaviest Stump Jump for tough conditions. Features Cut Tines and extra wide steel. Suitable for heavy soils and rugged conditions weighing 55kg per section.

Diamond Harrow

The ever popular Diamond Shaped design is a rigid Harrow that is used to drag out dead pasture, aerate your soil and promote growth. Can also be used for final seedbed preparation in clear country. Our Tines are hand made using blacksmithing techniques.

Disc Harrow

Turn over your soil with an Australian Made Disc. Featuring scalloped Discs with adjustable offset, this primary cultivation tool is built to last a lifetime.

Driven Tine V2

Perfect for market gardeners, vineyards and grape growers to get between your rows to weed. Also can be used as a heavier alternative to our Diamond Harrow for Black Soils.

Spring Tine (Light Duty)

Put this implement behind your seeder and watch your tines jiggle your top soil covering your seed. This is a light duty two row version used in sandy soils.

Spring Tine (Medium Duty)

Versatile and popular, it's your choice of straight or kinked tines. Adjust your lay according to your conditions. For aggressive seed covering, keep your tines upright. Suitable for loamy - medium soils. Can be used to collect trash in your field.

Spring Tine (Heavy Duty)

Strong 12mm Kinked Tines make this a popular choice for farmers with heavy soils. Strong mount arms with heavy duty components mean there is less downtime in your operation.

Covering Harrows (Light/ Medium)

An economical solution to covering seeds, this implement is commonly put behind a seeder. We manufacture a light and heavy version suitable for your soil type. Can also be used to level worked soils.

Forged Covering Harrows (Heavy)

Designed to cover seeds by trailing behind a seeder. This implement has forged tips which are created by heating up quality grade steel to 1,000 degrees and stamping them in 80 tonne presses.

Chain Harrow

Perfect who those who need to break up organic matter, which is the best way to use it as fertiliser. Each link that makes up the chain is hand made and resistance welded.

Pastureland Harrow

This is the best way to give your pasture a 'tickle'. It will drag out dead grass and aerate your top soil. The chain connected to the rear will rumble over your organic matter and break it up - creating a natural fertiliser.

Pasture Harrows

If your paddock has not been worked and you would like to turn it into usable pasture, this implement will be the best option for you. The front tines will penetrate deeper and collect trash. The chain on the rear is designed to break up manure.

Pasture Smudger

This implement is designed for light aeration while pulverising a large amount of organic matter. Suitable for paddocks that have accumulated a large amount of trash over time with animals still present on the land.

Lifting Frame & Hoist Frame

We have extensive experience building Frames to suit all Harrows. We build hoist frames, rigid, manual winch folding and 'plug and play' hydraulic frames.  

Small Acreage Chain Harrows

Bought a farmlet and embarking on your farming journey? This implement will help break up your organic matter using a ride on mower, ATV or UTV. Can also be used to level out top soil on horse arenas.

Small Acreage Pasture Harrows

The perfect implement for light aeration of small paddocks. Suitable for horse and track arenas where the top soil needs to be disturbed and smoothed.

Bale Grabs

Specifically designed for easy collection of rectangular bales, all componentry is heavy duty but disarmingly simple in it's operation. Features a side rail that be used on the right or left side.


A well built heavy duty frame will ensure this implement can carry whatever loads you need to get from Shed to Paddock.

Pipe Layers

We use heavy duty tube to create an implement that is capable of laying up to 80mm pipe. The heavy duty Ripper creates a deep rut which is perfect for laying drainage.

Tow Hitches

Move around your trailer quickly and easily. Properly built with gussets, this implement is a set and forget proposition. We have many different types to suit your application. We can build this implement to suit any tractor.

Bale Spears

Utilising a strong frame, our spears will stand up to years of work and will be a useful implement in your arsenal of machinery.

"Jack" The Ripper

Completely heavy duty and over engineered, we build rippers as primary cultivation tools with the ability to add machinery directly behind it to increase productivity with just one pass.

Single Tine Ripper

We ensure that the frame is heavily gusseted and will work straight out of the box. A knock on boot comes as standard meaning easy replacement when it comes time.

Counter weight

Extra weight to keep your tractor steady. Fill the box with whatever material you require. Concrete is most commonly used.

Grader Blade

We know you can never have too many projects. Using a grader is incredibly useful in creating driveways to your house and to paddocks. It can also assist with leveling your paddock.

Land Rollers

If you are looking for the weight to compact your paddock then look no further. Our Land Rollers are made from heavy walled steel and can be filled with water.

Smudge Bar

The perfect implement to smooth out your driveway, motorcross track or horse arena. Can be used to break up manure and rough ground.

Special Projects

We work with creators across Australia who have a vision for an implement they would like but doesn't exist. Our team is highly experienced in engineering agricultural machinery. Find out how we work with you.

Murray Agricultural Parts

95% of all components used by Murray's are made in house. The rest are sourced from our trusted Australian Suppliers. We have a fine selection of parts ready at quick notice to keep your implement operational.

Fabrication Tables

We manufacture a range of fabrication tables used in workshops across Australia. Easy to set up and use, it features 16mm holes in every possible location. There are every accessory imaginable available with more coming!

Engine Test Stands

It's no surprise that we love to tinker with classic cars. We turned our attention to building test stands and have created the most popular stand in Australia. Many tafes, workshops and gear heads use our equipment.

We are one of the last true Australian Manufacturers of Agricultural Equipment. Murray's thanks the many men and women who have contributed to our success. Whether you have had your set of Harrows for 1 year or 30 years, we are grateful that you have supported our family company.

Murray's has a rich history in Australian Agriculture dating back to 1903.

With the changing of seasons, Murray’s has continued to thrive in all conditions to remain a market leader in Harrowing equipment. The traditions established can still be found in today’s workplace – attention to detail, pride in workmanship and service.


Long standing staff members continue to generate new and fresh ideas such as introducing the latest manufacturing techniques.


Moving towards the fourth generation of the Taylor family, Murray Agricultural Equipment continues to be a mainstay of the agricultural industry providing proven and time tested quality Harrows to the Australian farmer.

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